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Feb 10, 2005Depending on what email program you use, deleted emails may or may not be really deleted. Fabian We are running Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010. I simply went into Outlook Mailoptions and selected Never send a read receipt. Unfortunately, you must do. MPLAB X IDE with p18f87J60 and tcpip stack Interfacing Current transformer with PIC16F88 Microstick SN visible but Self Test says 'Could not connect'. Hello. My Mail app on both my iPhone and iPad is showing the badge with one in the corner and even on the bottom bar it says 1 unread, but I have no emails at all in.. Read and Unread emails not syncing between Outlook and Blackberry for all users. Hmmm, no answer to this? Does this mean that there is no universal Unread Mail folder that lists all the unread mail for all accounts in my outlook?. Kindle user claims Amazon deleted whole library without explanation. When your Kindle is wiped by Amazon without explanation, refund, or appeal, it's time to wake. .
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